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Sukibitz Story

There was an artist named SUKI who always dreamed of creating a virtual world where people could adopt digital characters in NFT pixelart PFP format of animals, humans, robots, aliens, skeletons and heroes, and then create the SUKIBITZ World full of stories, adventures and opportunities.

It was then that in a magical and mysterious way the SUKIBITZ appeared in mysterious boxes, where several people would have access to the first SUKIBITZ. SUKIBITZ quickly became a unique and dynamic NFT collection in PFP pixelart style, with owners forming a large community on the internet. SUKIBITZ owners could customize their NFTs as they saw fit and use their SUKIBITZ on their social media profiles.

So began SUKIBITZ's journey into the digital world, without a roadmap or miraculous promises, however, bringing joy, love and opportunity to everyone.

Next evolution of Dynamic NFT

Dynamic NFT allows each user to perform customizations in their own NFT traits after minting.

This means that after the first phase of the minting process, the second phase will be launched for minting specific traits of each NFT in our marketplate to upgrade the NFT traits, allowing the customization of the NFT in the way the user wants, making the NFT more unique and rare.

Dynamic NFTs are the next evolution in the world of blockchain collectibles. We're proud to offer one of the most powerful and customizable dynamic NFT platforms on the market, alowing to customize your PFP pixelart as you want. Our platform allows users to create a base token, following the ERC20 standard, which can then have its traits swapped or upgraded using the ERC1155 standard. This unique on-chain experience creates endless possibilities for customizability and uniqueness in NFT collections. Our platform also offers a rarity system that allows for certain traits to be more rare than others, creating a true sense of value and rarity in each NFT. And when you equip your base token with rare traits, the value of the entire collection increases exponentially.

The customization of the NFT through the purchase of additional traits will happen on our platform (Traits Marketplace), however, the NFT can be bought or sold on all NFT platforms on the market (eg OpenSea). But if you don't want to customize your NFT, no problem, you can continue with the same NFT you have.

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Growth Roadmap

Joining the SUKIBITZ community means joining a family full of people who believe in the future of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. We don't have promises or a roadmap full of features and impossible promises, but we do have a minimal roadmap.

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1. Team Definition (Done)

- Definition of a team experienced with success in NFT projects, including pixel artists, developers, community managers, collaboration managers and marketing managers;

- The team will remain anonymous for privacy and security reasons.


2. Art Creation (Done)

- Collaboration with the team's artists to create the arts for the NFT project and marketing;

- Delivery of unique and high quality art, where users feel they belong to the project.


3. Community Building & Collaboration (On Going)

- Focus on building an engaged community on Twitter;

- Focus on building an engaged community on Twitter;

- At first we will not open a server on Discord to minimize security risks. We have seen many scams of people being scammed by fake minted links, and then users having their wallets stolen or drained by hackers or scammers;

- Regular interaction with the community through updates, giveaways and events;

- Collaboration with other successful NFT projects through Twitter, alphabot and premint;

- Explore potential partnerships with other projects.


4. Free Mint Process

- Offer Free Mint during pre-sale to early adopter users (1 Free Mint per Wallet);

- Once the minting process is complete, NFTs will be available on platforms such as OpenSea.


5. Suki Coin and Traits Marketplace (Developed)

- Within 4 weeks after the sale of the NFTs, we will make available the Traits Marketplace available for NFT updates, through the generation of the ERC5511 contract;

- Allow NFT owners to buy rare or legendary items or traits to make their NFTs more unique and rare. The idea is to make the community create even more rare, legendary and exclusive characters using the $Suki Coin.

Sukibitz Characters

Meet some of our unique characters from Sukibitz World that you will love.

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Traits Marketplace

With the Traits Marketplace we can manage and deliver the Dynamic NFTs feature, which offers the perfect customization of current contract. The Traits Marketplace allows users to mint additional traits (clothing, hair, hat, mouth, glasses, etc) to create an unique and rare customized NFT in pixelart.


Join The Sukibitz Community

Join a genuine community of 12,345 Sukibitz!


Sukibitz FAQ

Entering The Sukibitz Community means joining an family full of people who believe in the future of Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology.

The Ethereum NFT Collection (Sukibitz Evolve) mint will be on July 2 (13:00 UTC).
We want to provide for our community the best quality art with afordable price for OG users. That is why we are offering 1 Free Mint per wallet. The Free Mint will be available for all whitelisted wallet during presale as FCFS, and just 1 Free Mint per wallet during presale.
We'll use many ways to make giveaways for our community, being used the twitter, alphabot and premint to collect the wallets, because the presale period will be DTC (direct to contract).
We recommend you register in our PREMINT and follow our twitter to participate of many giveaways. We want to organize many ways to deliver the Free Mint for our community.
We want to prioritize the whitelist wallet to mint during presale with all Supply available. The remaining NFTs will be available for public sale.
As a Sukibitz holder you can use the NFT wherever you want. In the same way that the Crypto Punks collection (from Yuga Labs) describes the rights of use, Sukibitz holder has the same rights for its own use, being able to handle and sell it in the way it sees fit. After the mint, you will be able to sell the NFT on any NFT platform, such as OpenSea.